#MakeupMonday – High end products WORTH the price tag.

We’ve decided to give the beauty section a try on the H.I.A.S website aiming to provide you with the most honest, up front information about products we have tried ourselves and what we think is WORTH the money, and what isn’t in our opinion.

Skin Type: Combination (oily t zone)

Here are a few products that I really feel are worth investing your money in. The one thing I have always been happy with spending money on is makeup and skincare. On the contrary, as long as it doesn’t cause my skin to react badly I’m quite easy to please – the moment a skincare or makeup product doesn’t agree with me/makes me go oily/super dry I get rid of it ASAP. I’ve picked out high end products that I’ve been using for 3 months or more.

Hoola Bronzer – Benefit: £23.50


For me this is the only high-end bronzer I have ever loved and hasn’t made me look like I’ve dusted my cheekbones with mud. I’ve only JUST hit the bottom of the pan with this product and I’ve had it just over a year (and I use it every day). It’s a multi use product: you can contour with it or just use it to give your face a bit more of a glow.

No negatives. Travel friendly, and it doesn’t have an overpowering scent that makes you smell a bit stale after a while.

Double Wear Foundation – Estee Lauder £31.00


I bought this after reading a few reviews on it online and not really knowing how to feel about it. Loads of people said it broke them out where others said it is the only foundation they can use. I’m pretty wary about forking out so much on a foundation because it’s not like you can salvage it if the quality isn’t that great – it’s the base of your whole makeup look so if looks bad, well, you’re gonna look awful.

With this foundation, just make sure you get color matched beforehand by the assistants at the Estee Lauder beauty stand. I feel like the shades that you see in the bottle are really deceiving.

I think this is a foundation (for me) that works WAY better without a primer. The only negative about this foundation is that it drys so quickly on the skin, so you can’t really dot it all around the face then blend, you sort of have to put it on a section of your face, blend, repeat.

Another annoying thing about this foundation is that it doesn’t have a pump, which can get quite messy and sometimes this is where people can end up using too much product on their face and having to buy a new one within a few weeks. I don’t use a beauty blender with this foundation purely because that doesn’t work for me at all.

I use a normal flat foundation brush and shake the bottle hard before using. I then use what is in the cap and that usually covers half of my face – which sounds unrealistic when you see how much is in the cap but a little goes a long way. This is a full coverage foundation, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like looking completely airbrushed then this product is not for you.

I wouldn’t recommend this product for people who suffer from really dry skin as I feel that if you have a particular dry area of skin (in the summer around my nose it can get quite dry) the product clings to these areas massively and just makes you look a bit flaky.

If you have oily skin/combination skin this is perfect for you. Will just give you a matte finish and you will not be a greasy hot-dog after a few hours. Well worth the price tag and you can trick everyone into thinking you are flawless level 100.

Roller Lash: Benefit £19.50


I have always been a £2 mascara girl, because I’ve got naturally dark eyelashes so I’ve never needed something expensive to give the look of false lashes. Also, I went through a phase of just wearing individual eyelashes so never had the need for a good mascara.

On top of that, I ALWAYS used lash curlers, continuously. So when I dropped them out my window and couldn’t reach the downstairs roof to salvage them, I decided it was time to invest in a proper mascara. Everybody kept going on about Roller Lash so I thought why not – and took the plunge.

I can confirm this mascara has changed my life. It has transformed the way I look at mascaras. Packaging is a dream. The wand did not convince me at all when I opened it but girl it does the job.

Only negative about this product is that it takes a while to come off.

I can go swimming and for a two hour session at the gym with this shit and it still stays on. I’m using makeup wipes, micellar water. I suppose you could see that as a positive, too.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below on what high-end makeup products you think are worth investing in, and what we should try out next.

C x

Claire Stapley

Creator of helpimastudent.com

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