10 Instagram Artists You Should Follow

Whether you are an artist yourself, an art enthusiast or just someone who likes to look and appreciate art from time to time, I’m sure that we all have one thing in common. We all have (or know of) Instagram! And what better way to discover a bunch of creatively artistic geniuses than on the social media platform that thrives on images.

Think of it as your own personal art gallery, where you get regular updates of your favourite work and even get to see some of the artists in action. All for free! Not too shabby when you think of it like that.

Anyway, without further ado, we’ve scoured our Instagram feeds and found 10 of our favourite Instagram artists which we think you should follow. Here we go:

1. Subway Doodle

You might have seen some of this chaps artwork posted on Facebook recently but we couldn’t help ourselves to include him in the list. These iconic pieces are the works of a genius, ‘doodling’ on his iPad while on the New York City subway. It would definitely make the silent journey on the underground a whole lot more entertaining.

2. Mr Riu

I never thought cutting paper could be so impressive! Mr Riu, as he is known, is a Japanese professional ‘papercutter’, a technique that uses gaps in the paper to create these perfectly detailed pieces of art. I don’t know about you, but I struggle to cut a perfect circle, let alone this masterpiece below.

3. The Daily Splice

Also known as Adam Hale, an amazingly creative collage artist who uses London’s free magazines to create these powerful pieces of art. We definitely recommend checking out some of his other work because his style of splicing is so simple, yet so powerful (like a really nice cup of coffee).

View this post on Instagram

605 – Bubbly

A post shared by Adam Hale (@the.daily.splice) on

4. Coffeetopia

While we are on the topic of coffee, it would be rude not to mention Ghidaq al-Nizar, an Indonesian artist and environmentalist who’s Instagram profile says “Save the earth, it’s the only planet with coffee!” – we like a man who likes his coffee. But rather than drinking it, he uses coffee in all its forms (whole beans/grinded beans/coffee stains etc.) to create these incredibly tasty works of art.

5. Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel is a Polish artist who specialises in drawings that represent society, whether that be politics, social trends or environmental issues. Some of the ideas behind his artworks are completely mind-blowing but make so much sense at the same time. Look at this one for example; how many of you are doing this right now?

6. Nikolai Tolstyh

This clever gentleman classes himself as many things but our favourite is that of a ‘natural craftsman’. His simply detailed paper cut-outs on their own would be slightly less impacting, but his genius use of nature’s colour and textures creates the perfect background to represent these artistic animals. He seems to always know the right part of nature for each piece of art, and that in itself is a talent and a half.

7. Karen Libecap

She may just paint miniature pieces of art but her attention to detail is filled to the brim. Based in Alabama she hosts an Esty store, as well as her Instagram, where you can view, browse and buy some of the smallest paintings we’ve ever seen. If you get round to ordering any, make sure you don’t lose it!

8. David Dias

Now if you thought you were good at drawing the odd stick man, you’ve got another thing coming. This Brazilian 23 year old artist has ridiculous ‘tekkers’ when it comes to pencil drawing. He literally brings his pieces to life, so we thought we would show you a time lapse of how he creates these simply divine drawings.

9. David Zinn

Almost every pavement or road you drive down, walk down or skip down always seems to have some kind of defect or pothole somewhere. But rather than just complaining about these, like most of us do, Mr. Zinn manages to use these to his advantage through his creatively urban style of chalk art. Check out his page to see some of the weird and wonderful creatures he has created.

10. Jasper Andres 

Tattoos are everywhere you look nowadays so we couldn’t help including at least one, and we’ve chosen Jasper Andres because his simplisticly detailed designs are some of the most impressive we’ve seen around. Unfortunately he is New Zealand based so you’ll have to go on a bit of a trek to receive this kind of talent but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end. Check out the rest of his tattoos and I’m sure you’ll want to head over to New Zealand sooner than you thought.

The End.

That’s the end to our favourite Instagram artists. We could carry on to make a list of 1000’s but it would take a little longer than this one. Let us know what you think about these talented individuals and feel free to comment with your favourite Intagram artists – we would love to hear from you!

Guy Thornbury-Phillips

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