The Do’s and Don’ts of living in a student house

DO – Be careful with who you choose to co-habitate with: Pick people that are easy going, clean-ish and people you can trust.

DO – Ask lots of questions: Before you sign off that contract, make sure you’ve asked all questions on your mind regarding bills, boilers, late fees, and about the area.

DO – Stand your ground: You know deep down the heating doesn’t need to be on in September, so turn it off. Don’t be afraid that your other housemates won’t like it – as you’re paying the bills too.

DO – Share the small things: Don’t be that guy who measures how much milk they have. Or goes crazy over one missing tea bag. The one thing I learned from that is that it gets you no-where. Don’t sweat the small stuff – do share the small things. 🙂

DON’T – Steal other peoples things: Things in communal areas such as pots, pans, expensive food and spices aren’t yours. Go and buy your own – don’t jeopardize the trust of your housemates.

DON’T – Live with your partner: I don’t care how ‘solid’ you are. Living with your girlfriend/boyfriend at uni will never end well if you argue, or even worse – break up. It makes it awkward and difficult for everybody else.

DON’T – Put all the bills in your name: Because when you move out, and there are outstanding charges – it’s your name that’s with the company.

DON’T – Kid yourself with bills: Pay them when they arrive, pay your rent in advance, save a lot of hassle and money-borrowing.

DON’T – Be the dirty one: Clean up your plates. Put bleach down the toilet. Clean your teeth. Be a good person.


Claire Stapley

Creator of

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