Making your halls homely

Halls aren’t the most glamorous part of university by a long shot, but they are (in my opinion) where the best memories are made.

Your box room and bathroom isn’t the most homely thing you’ve come across, and it can sometimes be a bit sad when you remember what home home feels like (if that makes sense).

Here are a few simple things you can do to make your bedroom less student, and more  home.

  • Make it smell good: Do you like vanilla? Chocolate? The smell of a kebab lingering? – Treat yourself to a nice scented candle. As basic as it sounds, it looks like you have your life together a bit, your room won’t smell like pizza all the time, and you can get the posh looking ones for around £2. Bargain!
  • Ambient lighting: No, I’m not talking about that lovely light you have in your halls room already, with dust and a lovely yellow tinge to your room – I’m talking fairy lights, or if you’re a boy and fairy lights aren’t your thing – a nice lamp or bedside light. Much like the candle, it makes your room look a bit nicer, you can turn off the main light and still have some ambiance in le room. Wonderful.
  • A nice throw: This one is more for the girls, but winters at uni always seem to be cold – especially if you go to uni on the coast. Hella windy. You can pick up  a decent throw from Ikea for less than £5, or wilkos if you don’t fancy the pilgrimage through the Ikea show rooms. These are practical, and look nice and homeley, so when you come back from your 9am hungover and feeling sorry for yourself, you can take a power nap surrounded by fairy lights, nice smells, and an oh-so-warm throw to ease the pain.

If anyone else has more suggestions on how to make your room look more homely, which is WITHIN BUDGET, leave us a comment below!

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