10 Halloween Look Ideas


1 – Pop Art: Halloween doesn’t always have to be creepy, and this is a look you can create easily with some products in your makeup bag. Photo credit: here.


2. Or go slightly more crazy, with this cheshire cat look. Original photo here.


3. Jigsaw is another no-nonsense, easy on the £ too. Original photo here.b90b11809f7f29d842679837c654bbc2.jpg

4. Though this will probably be done to death this year, you could always try out a harley quinn look. Original photo here.


5. A personal favorite, throw on a shirt, powder, some black lipstick and you’re good to go. Original photo here.


6. Or you can just buy a pair of cat ears and call it quits. original photo here.


7. Feeling slightly more adventurous? You can create this look with white powder, a pencil eyeliner and a smudge brush. original photo here.


8. Create this clown look in moments. Use tape to get your triangles pointy. Original photo here.


9. Less scary than the cheshire cat, bulk up your brows and do a large winged liner for this look. Original photo here.


10. Finally, if you haven’t spent all that loan money, go the extra mile with some white hair spray paint, chunky glitter, and smokey eyes to create this ice queen look. Original photo here.

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Claire Stapley

Creator of helpimastudent.com

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