5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is finally here! 

Most of you have probably already found the right costume, makeup and accessories. However, this post goes out to all those people who can’t be bothered to put a costume together, have just been invited to a party or don’t want to wear the same old skeleton costume for the fourth consecutive year.

  1. Sandy Olsson

    (Original Photo)

    Are you blonde? Do you own a curling iron, a pair of high waisted black jeans and an off the shoulders top? Add a red lip and some heels and you’re good to go!

  2. Mia Wallace

    (Original Photo)

    This is slightly more complicated as it involves a wig – unless your hair is black, short and with a fringe.
    Put on a white shirt, a pair of black jeans and you’ve turned into the one and only Mia (add a nose bleed and/or a cigarette to make it more authentic).

  3. Wednesday Addams

    9ed8e1cf8b14a33789c072f1fee4a691(Original Photo)

    If you dislike boys and love murder, Wednesday Addams is exactly what you need to be for Halloween. Just put your hair into two plaits, wear a white shirt and a black dress on top and go scare some people.

  4. David Bowie

    (Original Photo)

    You can’t go wrong with a bit of Bowie – this is one of my favourite and exactly what I did this year. You can literally wear anything you want, the more disco and metallic it is, the better. Just find a red (or orange) eyeshadow and a blue one, draw a lightning bolt on your face and pull your hair back. Everyone will know who you are!

  5. Regina George

    (Original photo)

    If you really don’t know what to wear, you can always trust Regina and her impeccable sense of style.
    Just cut two holes in one of your white tank tops, wear a colourful bra and a black skirt and go rule the world.


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