Top 5 budget friendly make-up removers

No. 5

7/10 – bareMINERALS PURE PLUSH gentle deep cleansing foam (120ml)



The cleanser felt really nice to put on, with a similar consistency to a creamy facemask. It was easy to work around my face and remove my face make-up, however, it wasn’t very good at removing my eye make-up. I found myself reaching for a separate eye make-up remover to get rid of my mascara. Overall, the product seemed to work well as a general cleanser, but considering you need other products to take off all the make-up I don’t think it’s worth the price, when there are plenty of other products on the market that do everything.

No. 4

8/10 Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil (125ml)



The consistency of the oil is quite light and dry, so when you put it on your face and move it around it feels like it’s being absorbed into your skin. Personally, I don’t really like that. I don’t want my make-up remover to feel like it’s going into my skin – I want it to stay on my skin, remove the make-up and then be wiped/washed off with the make-up. The cleansing oil is still a decent make-up remover that does its job. I used 3-4 drops of the oil, so I can imagine the bottle will last for quite a long time and therefore be good value for money.

No. 3


8.5/10 – Simple Kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion (200ml) & Kind to eyes make-up remover (125ml)


£3.45 & £3.45

This combination works very well together. They eye make-up remover is so gentle, but manages to get rid of my eye make-up. However, I tend to find that after using a cotton pad to remove eye make-up, I always need to use a cotton bud to go under the eyes again. The cleansing lotion is a lovely consistency, and removes the makeup really well.

No. 2

9/10 – Garnier Micellar Cleansing water (400ml)



I was so excited to try this product, because of all the hype it has received. I have to say, I was not disappointed. To use this product you pour a few drops of the product onto a cotton pad, and wipe away the make-up. I found the Micellar Cleansing water to be good at getting rid of my foundation and eye makeup. The thing I liked most about the product was that it left your face feeling so clean and fresh. Once I had used it, I genuinely didn’t feel like I have even a spec of makeup left on my face. The downside, in my opinion, is that you do need to use about 4 cotton pads to get rid of all the makeup, particularly mascara and eyeliner.

No. 1

10/10 – L’Oreal Paris extraordinary oil


£7.99 (currently only £5.33 at Boots!)

My favorite make-up remover out of all the ones I have tried so far. This cleansing oil is a thicker consistency than the Simple oil. It feels like it remains on the surface of your face as you move it around and melts your make-up. What I was particularly impressed with was the way it removed my mascara and eye make-up, it came off with such ease. I then use a flannel, which I run under warm water, and take the make-up off with that. My face always feel SO clean afterwards. You only need 2 pumps of the oil, so the bottle lasts for ages! I bought a bottle in April and have used less than half of it. It will take a VERY good make-up remover to make me switch.




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