Budget Travel Tips

In my last post I wrote about the best European destinations for students, and gave some top tips for getting the most out of your trip. Today I’m going into those tips in more detail, to help you save money on your travels.

Travel in low season

University holidays are often longer than normal school holidays, so as a student you can take advantage of this. Travelling in winter can also be a good way of saving some pennies without compromising on location, and so many European destinations have a whole new charm when they’re covered in snow and ice.

Catch undesirable flights

Opting for early or late flights can really help keep your travel cost down. Providing you can get to an airport for silly-o’clock, you can save so much just by getting an undesirable flight. One issue with this can be check-in times with hotels, so find out if you’ll be able to check in once you land or whether you’ll have to wait.

Don’t buy add-ons for your flight

Unless you are a particularly nervous flier or really want to nab that window seat, there’s not a lot of point in paying extra to choose where you’ll be sat. Nine times out of ten you’ll be sat with the people you’ve booked tickets with anyway, so unless you want a particular seat, it’s not worth the extra cost.

Similarly, if you are going somewhere for less than a week, don’t get hold luggage. You’ll have to keep your liquids under 100ml but it’s worth it to save about £30 per suitcase.

Get walking

I’m definitely guilty of getting to a place and wanting to take public transport everywhere. However, there’s no denying that walking or cycling is cheaper and even in a big city like London, many attractions are within walking distance of each other. Do your research before you go to find out how easy it will be to walk around the city you’re visiting. If you do need to take public transport, make sure you ask about student discount.

Have a daily allowance for your money

Working out how much money to take with you can be tricky, but reading blogs and talking to people who’ve visited where you’re going can help you work out how much everything is likely to cost. I always take a little more than I think I’ll need just to be on the safe side but try not to spend it all. Try and figure out how much you’ll need each day and just take that amount out with you. That way, you can’t spend more than you wanted to initially, and you’ll keep the rest of it safe.

Have you got any money saving tips you always follow? Let us know!


A 22 year old creative and recent graduate with an extensive bucket list.

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