Top 5 Christmas Drinking games

We all know the classic ‘Never Have I ever’ so it’s time to have some festive fun…

Santa Hat:

Watch your favourite TV show or film with your housemates and place a Santa hat on the corner of your screen. Whenever anyone on screen appears to be wearing it, it’s time to take a shot. This works with any show and you’ll be surprised how many time you knock down that vodka.

Each person starts by choosing a name of a reindeer or Christmas theme to represent themselves. The aim of the game is to hide your teeth while saying your name twice and then chose another player by saying their name twice. That person will continue by saying their name twice and calling on the next person. Anyone who shows their teeth must drink a penalty of your choice- shot or down your drink!


  • Player 1: Dasher, Dasher calls Vixen, Vixen (Player 4)
  • Player 4: Vixen, Vixen calls Cupid, Cupid (Player 2)
  • Player 2: Cupid, Cupid calls Blitzen, Blitzen (Player 3)

Kris Kringle:

Get your course mates or housemates together, sit in a circle and take turns saying “Kris Kringle” as fast as you can. If anybody in the circle messes up their go in any way they must drink – which includes hesitation, saying it wrong or too quickly. You can also say “Santa’s here” to reverse the direction of play, but it can’t be used three times in a row.  The third person to say it must pay a sacrifice of downing their drink.

Christmas “Spirit”:
This one is nice and easy. All you have to do is listen to some Christmas albums and only drink spirits every time a word comes up. For example, a shot of tequila every time “Christmas” is said, a short drink with rum for “mistletoe”, and a vodka mixer for”jingle”. You can chose whatever spirit you want for any word. Mix it up, dance and drink! Little piece of advice: You might want to get at least one round of drinks ready before the song comes on.

Drunk jenga, also known as Drunga, is a great way to get the party started. Buy yourself a Jenga set from a local charity shop or use your old childhood game and make it a messy drinking game. Get a sharpie out and start writing actions on the jenga pieces. This game is great for some Christmas fun or just a normal drinking game throughout the year. Try thinking of some original ideas but you could use some of the following:

Give 4: Choose someone to drink for 4 seconds
Santa’s Cup: Everyone pour some of your drink into a cup. Then another piece will say “CUP”- whoever gets that piece must drink Santa’s cup!
Categories: Think of a Christmas theme e.g. Christmas movies, food or songs and go round in a circle naming something within that topic. If it’s wrong or it’s already been said drink up!

Combine rules from other games – Chicks/Dicks, Waterfall, Rhyme, Truth or Dare, Mute and 7 minutes in heaven.

But if you really want to be inappropriate then add some adult themes: Act out favourite sex position, Describe sexual fantasy, Make a sex noise, Twerk 10 seconds, Body shot… And if anyone declines they down their drink.

Just be imaginative and fun, try not to put anything too crazy on there that will ruin the vibe of the game and make people feel awkward!

Merry drinking!


Sophie Wood

20 | South- East London | University of Portsmouth

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